Why Infrastructure as Code?

Heard about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) but not sure what it's about or why you should care? This tutorial's for you!

Experiencing Terraform

Experience the power of Terraform through a short project.

Understanding The Basics Of Terraform

Let's go through some of the foundational concepts you should understand when working with Terraform.

Terraform Variables

Learn about how variables are used in Terraform.

Making changes using Terraform

Time to make changes to our tutorial environment using Terraform. But how?!

More Terraform Resources

A curated list of helpful resources for expanding your knowledge of Terraform.

Get Started with Apache and PHP on Ubuntu and OCI

Using Free Tier OCI to install PHP and Apache on an Ubuntu Linux instance, then connecting the instance to the internet for further development.

Installing and using Calico on Oracle Container Engine (OKE)

Ali walks you through configuring OKE with Calico, an open-source networking tool for Kubernetes.

Call a Function using API Gateway

Using Oracle functions to process data via an Oracle API Gateway, and creating a python function to extract HTTP information.

Deploying Cassandra in Oracle Linux

Cassandra, an open-source NoSQL database, plays well with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Let Olivier show you how to configure it.

Creating an E-commerce Site with Oracle Coherence CE and Micronaut

Coherence and Micronaut are powrful bedfellows when used together. This tutorial steps you through using them to build a hypothetical online sock shop. That's right, socks.

Deploy a modern data lake on OCI

Using Terraform to create a data lake on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Kubernetes - Deploy a Node Express Application

How to deploy a Node Express application to a Kubernetes cluster on OCI.

Deploy Cassandra on Oracle Cloud (OCI) Linux VM

Set up your environment to run Cassandra in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

How to Deploy a Python Flask Application in a Kubernetes cluster

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster using Oracle Cloud, and deploying a Python application with Flask framework using Cloud Shell.

Deploying MongoDB in Oracle Cloud (OCI) Linux VM

MongoDB and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure play well together --- Olivier shows you how to configure your envionment to connect them.

Deploy Moodle on OCI with MDS

MDS (MySQL Database Service) and Moodle are a perfect match for OCI. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to deploy this popular learning management system with OCI.

Deploying Joomla! on OCI and MDS

MDS (MySQL Database Service) and Moodle are a perfect match for OCI. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to deploy this popular learning management system with OCI.

Extending Terraform OKE with a helm chart

Extend a sample repo with your own extensions to make reusable provisioning scripts.

Creating flexible OCI Load Balancers with OKE

New load balancer shapes mean more options to optimize your configuration. Ali walks you through how to create these shapes using OKE.

Get Started with your own LAMP stack application on Oracle Cloud

Build Move & Modernize Apps and Hybrid Solutions, DevOps and Automation on OCI.

Install Node Express on an Oracle Linux Instance

Use an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier account to set up an Oracle Linux compute instance, install a Node Express application and access your new app from the internet.

Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Want to start with OCI and don't know how? Here's a quick look at what OCI is all about.

Automating OCI with Terraform

You want to know how you can automate tasks on OCI - here you can find a short deep dive into automation with Terraform

Database Infrastructure

How to deploy database infrastructure on top of the OCLOUD framework

Workload Deployment

How to deploy and configure your code on the OCLOUD framework landing zone


Introduction to Governance as part of the OCLOUD framework

Hosting a private Helm Repository on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) with ChartMuseum and OCI Object Storage

This guide walks you through how to host Helm Chart privately with ChartMuseum, an open source Helm Chart Repository server with support for various cloud storage backends, including OCI Object Storage.

Get Started with the Feature Store HopsWorks (LogicalClocks) on Oracle Cloud

This walk-through will guide you through setting up your environment to run HopsWorks with OCI.

How to Deploy Spark Standalone in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

A short walkthrough of setting up Spark and Hadoop in your OCI environment.

Deploying Verrazzano on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes

Deploying a multi-cluster Verrazzano instance on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OCI).

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IaC Framework

Jumpstart your OCI experience using the OCLOUD framework to build your environment in 7 steps

Terraform 101

Jumpstart your OCI management experience using IaC (specifically Terraform) with this tutorial series.

Proxima Safe

Joining the Dots in OCI to Build a Stream Analysis Lab.

Install Jupyter Lab in OCI

This tutorial will guide you through setting up your environment to run Jupyter Lab on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Install Spring Boot on an compute instance on Oracle Cloud

Use an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier account to set up an Oracle Linux compute instance, install a Spring Boot application, set up a virtual network, and access your new app from the internet.

League of Legends Optimizer using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Data Extraction and Processing

Using machine learning to optimize your LoL experience isn't as hard as you think. Ignacio shows you how.

League of Legends Optimizer using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Building an Adversarial League of Legends AI Model

In this series' third article, Ignacio uses Python to train an ML model for 1v1 matchups.

League of Legends Optimizer—Data Extraction and Processing

Can OCI be used to make League of Legends even better? Ignacio Martínez walks you through configuring an ML and data-based approach to to this best selling game.

Making calls to the Oracle Cloud API using Postman

Learn how to make calls directly to the OCI API using Postman.

Manually configuring Data Science service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Configure your tenancy for Data Science and test creating a notebook session.

Use Matomo Website Analytics on OCI with MDS

Matamo, an alternative to Google Analytics, is becoming increasingly popular. This walkthrough shows you how to use this powerful tool with MySQL Database Service and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

How to import data from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Database Service

This tutorial walks you through the process for exporting data from Microsoft SQL Server and then importing it into MySQL Database Service in OCI.

Modernizing the Healthcare platform with a GraalVM Proof of Value

Ali makes the case for GraalVM in the healthcare industry by diving deep into a couple strategic solutions.

Sending Emails from OCI with Email Delivery Service in Node.js

Use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to manage a high-volume email solution for sending out emails to many recipients for critical communications.

Using OCI Cloud Shell & Bastion with MySQL Database Service

Recently, Oracle added a Bastion Service to OCI. This tutorial walks you through using this service with OCI Cloud Shell.

Installation Guide for OCI Monitoring

This tutorial walks you through configuring a basic OCI monitoring solution with components based on Ansible in Oracle Linux 8.

Using Oracle's Machine Translation Services for NLP Analysis

Ignacio walks you through Oracle MTS, a translation service, using Python and even provides a benchmarking function to test its speed.

Polyglot Application Observability

Use GraalVM to leverage the PinPoint service, which allows tracing transactions and data flows between multiple software components and identifies problematic areas along with potential bottlenecks.

Introduction to Steampipe on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Steampipe is a great tool that you should have in your IaC toolbox. Learn about how to use it with OCI here!

Tracing A Node.js with OCI Application Performance Monitoring and Zipkin

Using Zipkin as an open-source tracking tool with OCI Application Performance Monitoring.