Hosting a private Helm Repository on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) with ChartMuseum and OCI Object Storage

This guide walks you through how to host Helm Chart privately with ChartMuseum, an open source Helm Chart Repository server with support for various cloud storage backends, including OCI Object Storage.

Deploying Cassandra in Oracle Linux

Cassandra, an open-source NoSQL database, plays well with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Let Olivier show you how to configure it.

Free Tier: Install WordPress on an Ubuntu Instance

This tutorial guides you through configuring WordPress on your Ubuntu OCI instance.

How to import data from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Database Service

This tutorial walks you through the process for exporting data from Microsoft SQL Server and then importing it into MySQL Database Service in OCI.

Use Matomo Website Analytics on OCI with MDS

Matamo, an alternative to Google Analytics, is becoming increasingly popular. This walkthrough shows you how to use this powerful tool with MySQL Database Service and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Installation Guide for OCI Monitoring

This tutorial walks you through configuring a basic OCI monitoring solution with components based on Ansible in Oracle Linux 8.

Deploy Cassandra on Oracle Cloud (OCI) Linux VM

Set up your environment to run Cassandra in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Install Spring Boot on an compute instance on Oracle Cloud


Use an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier account to set up an Oracle Linux compute instance, install a Spring Boot application, set up a virtual network, and access your new app from the internet.