Deploying Verrazzano on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes Series

Deploying a multi-cluster Verrazzano instance on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OCI).

Creating flexible OCI Load Balancers with OKE

New load balancer shapes mean more options to optimize your configuration. Ali walks you through how to create these shapes using OKE.

Deploy a modern data lake on OCI

Using Terraform to create a data lake on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Extending Terraform OKE with a helm chart

Extend a sample repo with your own extensions to make reusable provisioning scripts.

How to Deploy a Python Flask Application in a Kubernetes cluster

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster using Oracle Cloud, and deploying a Python application with Flask framework using Cloud Shell.

Kubernetes - Deploy a Node Express Application

How to deploy a Node Express application to a Kubernetes cluster on OCI.