Deploying MongoDB in Oracle Cloud (OCI) Linux VM

MongoDB and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure play well together — Olivier shows you how to configure your envionment to connect them.

Using Oracle's Machine Translation Services for NLP Analysis

Ignacio walks you through Oracle MTS, a translation service, using Python and even provides a benchmarking function to test its speed.

Call a Function using API Gateway

Using Oracle functions to process data via an Oracle API Gateway, and creating a python function to extract HTTP information.

League of Legends Optimizer—Data Extraction and Processing

Can OCI be used to make League of Legends even better? Ignacio Martínez walks you through configuring an ML and data-based approach to to this best selling game.

How to Deploy a Python Flask Application in a Kubernetes cluster

Setting up a Kubernetes cluster using Oracle Cloud, and deploying a Python application with Flask framework using Cloud Shell.

Install Jupyter Lab in OCI

This tutorial will guide you through setting up your environment to run Jupyter Lab on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Deploy Cassandra on Oracle Cloud (OCI) Linux VM

Set up your environment to run Cassandra in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.