Run and Integrate Open Source Solutions on OCI

Introduction to Steampipe on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Steampipe is a great tool that you should have in your IaC toolbox. Learn about how to use it with OCI here!


Introduction to Governance as part of the OCLOUD framework

Workload Deployment

How to deploy and configure your code on the OCLOUD framework landing zone

Application Infrastructure

How to deploy application infrastructure on top of the OCLOUD framework

Database Infrastructure

How to deploy database infrastructure on top of the OCLOUD framework

Service Delivery Framework

How to deploy a landing zone in OCI

Automating OCI with Terraform

You want to know how you can automate tasks on OCI - here you can find a short deep dive into automation with Terraform

Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Want to start with OCI and don’t know how? Here’s a quick look at what OCI is all about.

Installing and using Calico on Oracle Container Engine (OKE)

Ali walks you through configuring OKE with Calico, an open-source networking tool for Kubernetes.

More Terraform Resources

A curated list of helpful resources for expanding your knowledge of Terraform.

Destroying resources with Terraform

How to keep things neat and tidy with Terraform.

Making changes using Terraform

Time to make changes to our tutorial environment using Terraform. But how?!

Creating Resources with Terraform

How to create resources using Terraform.

Terraform Variables

Learn about how variables are used in Terraform.

Understanding The Basics Of Terraform

Let’s go through some of the foundational concepts you should understand when working with Terraform.

Experiencing Terraform

Experience the power of Terraform through a short project.

Why Infrastructure as Code?

Heard about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) but not sure what it’s about or why you should care? This tutorial’s for you!